swatch SwatchTool

SwatchTool is a simple website that helps physical media artists and hobbyists keep track of the markers and tools they have, while giving the most accurate representation of the final colors of those products.

My name is Hamilton, and as a marker artist, it always frustrated me that none of the marker companies have done as good job as I would like representing how their markers look when dry on paper. As a programmer, it was also very difficult to access any good data on the rgb and hex color values from these companies because they were either not available or were obscured in some way.

I'm creating this website as a tool for all the physical media artists out there who are also technically savvy. And maybe who like a little bit of collecting. This site should serve as both a good representation of colors from marker sets (and even more later) as well as a checklist for which colors you actually have, and a good way of helping us to organize our colors into color groups.

Thanks for using this tool, and if you find it useful, share it with your friends. If you want to help out with the development of this site, I'm looking for hi-res scans of people's personal color guides, so that I can incorporate this data into the best representation of how these markers look when dried. You can send these to